This list kickboxing books , self defense books, weapons cd and coaches and athlete pass books.

Officials Training Book For Combat Sports: item #010


This book covers Self-Defense, rules for continuous point sparing, team sparring, Muay Thai and MMA. This is being used to train officials and security personnel.  This would also be a good program for law enforcement, teachers, security for any programs including sports or for people working with troubled youth. As well as a addition to a martial arts class.

Hard copy 010: $15.00

Ebook 010E: $5.00




Hard Copy Item# 001: $25.00

Ebook Item # 001E: $8.00    

WarriorRage KickBoxing (the second Edition):  item # 001

The Bolinger Boxing and KickBoxing system

Description: The WarriorRage KickBoxing book has information on developing a martial artist from white white belt on up to Brown belt in the WarriorRage system. There is instruction on business building, stretching, strikes, kicks, block and counters, many routines to choose from, hand conditioning and weightlifting. Over 250 pages and over 800 pictures.

Published in 2005 by Scott Bolinger and the second edition released in 2009.



WarriorRage Kick-Boxing Volume II : item# 002

The Bolinger Boxing and KickBoxing Program

This book contains the 4 levels of boxing, instructions on using the coaches mitts, Medicine ball (plyometrics), heavy bag, strikes, kicks,

speed drills  and how to wrap your hands. Over 120 pages.

Published in 2009 by Scott Bolinger.

Hard Copy item # 002: $20.00

Ebook Item # 002E: $8.00



Officials LogBook: Item #300


        Consider this a resume for officials. A convenient way to keep track of the times you participate as a judge, Time keeper, inspector, Ref as well as keeping track of clinics, seminars and a contact list. For all styles of competition. If anyone asks what experience you have, this will pose as a quick reference. Fits easily into your pocket.

          The picture in the front is a kickboxing match. The picture can be changed by request to a different fighting style or club emblem. You would need to send a digital picture along with your order form or send the digital picture to wrkf@warriorrage.com . Comes in Tan or Gold, the color maybe changed by request with your order.

Cost: $8 for packs of 10 Shipping: $2.50

Shipping outside the USA: $8.00


Athletes Pass-Book:




Description:  this book is designed to keep track of amateur and/or pro fight record for any style of fighting competition.

Cost: $8.00 (package of 10) Shipping: $2.50

Shipping outside the USA: $8.00



Nunchuku CD: Item # 100


This CD will cover beginning to advance Nunchuku combos.  .

Cost: $7.00