This is rules and regulations for Warrior Rage KickBoxing Federation Continuous Point Sparring Competition



(WarriorRage KickBoxing Federation)

Continuous Point Sparring Competition



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Junior age group is ages 8 - 12 and senior group are from 13 to 15, adults is 16 and up.

  Junior rounds will be 2 rounds at 1 minute long with a 1 minute break in between rounds

  age 13 -15 the rounds will be 3 rounds 1 1/2 minutes long with 1 minute breaks in between rounds

  age 16 and up will be 3 2 minute rounds with a 1 minute break in between rounds

Championship bouts championship bouts maybe no longer than 4 rounds and maybe 2 or 3 minute rounds. Rounds will be decided by the champion. Must be decided at least one month before a fight or will go to the default rounds of 3 2 minute rounds.

Target Areas 

  Top, inner and Outer thigh (must be 2 above the knee)

  Side of the body





All legal kicks and punches are counted as 1 point

  There will be no rabbit punches

  No strikes against any joints

  No face contact

  No kicks to the groin

  Any illegal strikes that is done and the opponent is unable to continue fighting, may result in a disqualification.

  Being disqualified for unsportsmanlike conduct may result in suspension, loss of illegibility to fight, and loss championship in WRKF

  No side kicks to the top of the thigh, only round houses are allowed to the thigh


  sweeps are allowed both inside and outside sweeps are allowed. The sweep must be below the ankle and fallowed by a  striking technique.

  There will be no sweeps to the supporting leg.

Total Number of kicks

Must throw at least 5 kicks per round. The first time you don't throw 5 kicks in a round, it will be a point deduction. The second time you don't throw 5 kicks will be a automatic disqualification.

Official Certifications

1) To be certified as a WRKF official you must attend a WRKF seminar once every 2 years as well as being a WRKF member or club member. The official must pass a written test. The seminar will cover the rules and regulations for WRKF , time keeper, judge, referee and crowd control. All officials must be at least 16 years old to officiates for amateur bouts and must attend at least 4 seminars to officiates for a championship bout.  Must be at least 18 years old to officiates a pro bout.

2) Dress:  officials should be uniformed for each event, meaning they should all dress similar to make there status known.

a)      Full Gi with tennis shoes

b)      T-shirt with OFFICIAL across the back (preferably red with white lettering), black or blue pants, and tennis shoes.

c)       White button up shirt or short sleeve shirt with collar, black or dark blue pants with tennis shoes


Ref and Judges

     There will be a minimum of 2 judges maximum of 3 judges, the Ref may be one of the judges. The judges will be placed at the sides of the fighting area, no two judges will sit on the same side of the fighting area. One of the Judges will be the chief judge and then there will be a secondary judge. If the ref is a judge, he or she may not be a chief judge.

     If 2 judges are used, you add both judges cards together, then divide by 2 to get the total for that round. Do this for each round, then at the end of the bout, add all three rounds together to determine the winner. The highest total points wins the bout.

     If 3 judges are used, you add all 3 judges cards together, then divide by 3 for each round to get the average points for that round. Do this for each round, then at the end of the bout, add all three rounds together to determine the winner. The highest total points wins the bout.

     If there is a tie, there will be a additional round to determine the winner.

     There will be one chief judge. Score cards will be handed to that person. He or she will add the points and divide and give the total to the ref before the beginning of each round. The ref will announce the total of each round then start the round.

Score cards will need to be turned into the WRKF main office within one week after the event is over.


1) primary concern: the primary concern for the referees is the safety of the fighters

2) no jewelry, watches, rings, necklaces, or earrings

3) insure compliance of the WRKF rules

4) check fighters sparing gear to make sure it's in compliance to WRKF.

Judges Duties

1) count scoring strikes with a tally counter

2) record all fouls

3) every warning will be 1 strike reduction

4) every point deduction will count as a 5 strike reduction


Time Keepers

1) keep track of time

2) 3 taps on the wood indicates 10 seconds till the end of the round

3) sounds the gong for the end and beginning of each round

4) counts the number of kicks to assure 5 kicks per round are thrown.

5) 5 seconds before the end of the rest period , the time keeper needs to signal with a whistle or strike 3 times on the table or wood for Corners out (means cornerman or coach needs to get out of the ring and fighter needs to be ready for the next round and it informs them that the next round will start in 5 seconds).



  The WRKF president will elect  a state representative for each state. Eligible representatives must have a club membership.

  To be able to put on any WRKF sanctioned event the person or club putting on the event must have a club membership. Results of the competition will need to be sent to the WRKF head office.

  State champion event will be conducted in the month of July

  Regional events will be conducted in the month of October

  National events will be conducted in the month of November or December.



◘  WRKF boxing approved Head Gear

◘  WRKF Boxing approved Boxing gloves (10 oz and 12 oz)

◘  Shin and instep pad (leather, synthetic leather or vinyl)

◘  Groin protection

◘  Mouth peace

◘  Gauze, classic or Mexican style hand wraps

◘  Chest protectors for women are required



  Teams should be uniformed: wear similar bottoms and top.

  Karate, kickboxing pants or shorts may be worn.

  Plain T-shirt or T-shirt with school logo, federation logo or team logo maybe worn

  Traditional GI maybe worn


Belt ranks and age groups                                                  
  Green and Purple belts will be combined into one division                
  Brown belts well be separate division                                                                 
  Open Class Division: Any belt class can challenge into this division. But once participated in the Open Class division, you must stay in this division.

Note: the ranks will be as shown or equivalent to this ranking system. Green and purple belts would have a minimum of 6 months worth of training . Brown belt would have to have minimum 1 years worth of training. Open Class Division would need a minimum of 2 years training.

Note: anyone can challenge into a higher rank division, but once they challenge into a higher belt division, they must stay in that division.

Championship Holding Terms:

Green belts may hold the championship title for 6 months and move up in belt ranks and hold for another year. Purple belt can hold a championship for one full year. To continue competing they would have to move up in belt ranking.

  Brown belt may hold a title for 2 years then would need to move up to the Open Class competition level  to continue competing in the WRKF.

  Black Belts may hold the championship belts for 2 consecutive years after the age of 18.

  Top 10 may challenge the champion in there division.

  All champions will need a minimum of 3 fights a year to maintain championship belts if there is a match up available.

  After a fight term is up, the #2 and #3 ranked will fight for the #1 spot. Any fighter refusing to fight, the next lower ranked person will have the opportunity to fight for the #1 spot.

Any champion moving up in age bracket or belt bracket will automatically be placed in the top 10 and have first choice to challenge the champion in that bracket. Unless there is already a challenge already in progress. Then the challenge would have to weight until after the fight is completed.


Age groups

8 12 Junior Division

13 15 Senior Division

16 and up Adults

Weight Divisions:

Junior Weight Division:

Light Weight 50 65 lbs

Middle Weight 70 85 lbs

Heavy Wight 90 105

Super Heavy Weight 106 + above


Senior Division:

Fly Light Weight: 119 and below

Light Weight: 120 - 155

Middle Weight: 156 175

Heavy Weight: 176 - & up


Adult Weight Division:

Light Weight: 155 lbs and below

Middle Weight: 156 175

Heavy Weight: 176 - & up






WRKF Main Office is located at:

507 Niobrara

Alliance, Nebraska 69301

Email: wrkf@warriorrage.com