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Date style of tournament and sponsor Location
31 March 2012 Regional Tae Kwon Do Tournament Hastings, NE
28 April 2012 Karate tournament and Gi and No gi grappling event -- Dynamic Martial Arts tournament Rapid City, SD

Scheduled Events


2007 Schedule


July 6th

We will be tieing into a MMA match. I'll be able to put together some WRKF matches. Anyone interested in a WRKF match may call me at 308-762-3382 or 308-760-7346. I would like to set up 5 fights.

This event will be in Mitchelle, NE at the ScottsBluff County Fair Grounds. Doors open at 6 pm. I will be there at 5pm to go over the rules for the guys doing the continuous point sparring (WRKF) and I will also do officials training as well and get people certified in the WRKF style of competition.

For the MMA part of the night, I believe there are 14 fights set up allready.

contact info for the MMA will be Shawn at 307-575-9708

October 6th -- Location TBA

for the october 6th event, i maybe looking for a school to school challenge. Must have at least 3 people from your school to compete. It'll be 1 X 3 minute round. Coin toss for the captains to choose who there fighters will compete against. I'll be doing a write up on the team sparring this week and have it posted in the WRKF Chat and the rules area.

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