The WRKF produces shirts and hoodies with a few different designs to choose from



All shipping is $8.00 if mailed in the states unless posted other wise.

T-Shirts & Hoodys ( for special orders to add your school name and/or information, call 308-760-7346 to get a quote)

               Design #1                                                Design #2                                                  Design #3

         design by Yon Pagh                                design by Scott Bolinger                                  design by Yon Pagh








                  WarriorRage                                     WarriorRage





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KickBoxing Federation


                                                                                                                       KickBoxing Federation











KickBoxing Federation





 Item#: 500 - Color: Grey, Red or Black - Cost: $12.00  




WarriorRage KickBoxing Federation

                         Front                                                         Back

Item#: 550 Color White or Black Cost $27.00 

                      XL, XXL cost $40