This is the rules for tournament style continuous point sparring for the WRKF



Tournament Style


The tournament style will be similar to CPS rules and regulations. Usually when running a tournament style, this will usually be done for ages 16 and above and they’ll run one weight class at a time and usually will be black belts and above or if you feel you can compete in the black belt division. Depending on how many are in a weight class, will determine how long the event will be and how many fights a person would do. For tournament style, the rounds will be 2 x 2 minute rounds in a double elimination round. So if someone loses, they get moved to another bracket for a second chance.


Running more than one division at a time, may need more than one ring, or may take more than one day.


The tournament does not effect your standing for the regular competition. In regular events, if your competing in the green belt division, competing in the tournament does not change that. But a tournament champion may challenge the overall division champion in there weight and belt rank or greater division.


Tournaments maybe set up as fund raisers, qualifying tournaments, state tournaments, regional tournaments and national tournaments. If there is no qualifying tournaments, maybe grounds to bypass a qualifier.