Property Management by Scott Bolinger

Guide to Property Management


Property Management by Scott Bolinger


This book covers how to create a diversified property management business through, property preservation , land lord, house inspections, and has some standard forms for running a business and standard forms for keeping a record for taxes.


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The Author Scott Bolinger has been a business owner for over 20 years, with running a martial arts school, land lord, investing in investment properties, network marketing, house inspections, field inspections, property preservation and property management.



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From Scott Bolinger: I've been running a field inspection, property preservation and property management business for several years. I started the field inspection business off of some online business promotion and did that for a couple years, then expanded into preservation. The book covers most of what you would need to know to give you a good start in creating a significant income in the field inspection and/or preservation and property management.


Jazze: Thanks for the book. I was having some financial troubles and your book saved my butt.


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