Book Press / Book Binder

A book press is used to press new or old books so you get a nice flat book. It's also hand for holding your book while you bind the book or fix old bindings.  A book binder would be the part that is set up to make the holes for the back of the books so your able to bind the pages and cover together.

$55.00 pluss $10 for shipping and handling in side the USA


Bulk orders of 5 or more will receive a 10% rebate

This particular book binder / book press is specifically designed by WR Publishing.

This is a combination book press and book binder. This book press / book binder helps make your

book creating easier. The tin plates are set up for 9 hole day planner size books , and 3 hole binders as

well as a designer book binding. This is set up so you can put one book or several books in the book press and drill out the

holes all at once. This book binder / book press is good for the office , for publisher , for authors that want

to publish there own works, for schools etc... Binding and pressing your books or manuals to help cut the cost

of a expensive publishing company. And you have on demand book binding rather than waiting for your works

to be mailed to you.



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