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Officials Training Book For Combat Sports: item #010

For self-defense or learning rules for several different combat sports


Scott Bolinger author out of alliance, ne

Has over 30 years studying and teaching martial arts. Has studied Tae Kwon Do, Shotokan, Chinese Kickboxing, boxing,  Kenpo and designed the Bolinger KickBoxing style. Primarily teaches for  the sports of boxing , kickboxing, continuous point fighting, karate point fighting and MMA.  And has written several books for kickboxing, self-defense and property management.

The “Officials Training for Combat Sports”, book  goes through some standard self defense and restraints. The techniques shown are easy to learn, and very helpful in many situations. The book is designed to teach a standard restraint class that could be used for officials and security for sporting events, but can also be used in many applications such as law enforcement, school teacher, human resources, bouncer.  The self-defense has been taught as a promotional tool for martial arts schools and the entire book has been taught as a seminar before a martial arts event to train officials and security.


EBook 010E: $3.10





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